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Hello to all our loyal clients and friends! We are getting back into this whole "blog thang" and want to start out by saying thanks for all your continued love and support! We will be creating biweekly blog posts to give you quick tricks, tips and just fun information on how and why we do what we do! At the end of each post we will have a little surprise just for you.  And if you have any questions or want to see us post about something you want to know,  just get in touch! We love your voice!

Without further ado, todays post will feature some of our favorite products to get that holiday hair looking right! You've heard that saying it's all in the wrists, right? Well, in our world its all about that Prep, Control, Muscle, and Finish. No one thing is less important than the other. Think DREAM TEAM for your hair!


First stop, 


EVO Day of Grace Leave in conditioner styling product

       This pre-style prime leaves people saying maybe she was born with it; maybe its Day of Grace. Spray that grace on damp hair before blow drying and styling. She is a lightweight, leave in conditioner that works to smooth, detangle, and give your locks the grace that all that color and heat styling took away. Day of Grace is the invisible shield your beautiful locks are praying for. 

Next stop on this style train,


EVO Root Canal volumising spray hair styling product

Whether you need to control those roots or lift them to the gods, Root Canal is your savior.  Root Canal controls your pesky cowlicks and adds graceful volume to the roots. We love this product for our fine haired clients who need killer lift or our thicker texture who want to put their hair in its place. 

All aboard! Let's talk


EVO easy tiger smoothing balm hair styling product

Easy Tiger is a styling balm that goes a long way.  Easy Tiger gives your hair the muscle to hold its smoothed out shape and style that you put your back into. It gives Charleston’s humidity a run for its money by sealing and locking down your hair strands to battle the dreaded frizz. Also, did we mention it is a thermal protectant? Eeeeeasy Tiger, we love it too. 

EVO macgyver multi-use mousse hair styling product

     Macgyver carries the weight of the world and your hair on its shoulders. Adding volume, texture, and hold to your hair. There isn't  much McGuyver can't do. As a multi-purpose mousse it has more uses than a Swiss army knife. Applied to mids and ends for some body, applied to roots for some lift or scrunch in for that added texture, Mcguyver is your oyster. 

Now for our final destination


EVO Water killer dry shampoo hair styling product

Anyone who knows anyone at Salon Alexandria knows we can't live without our water killer. This is an amazingly versatile product that we use as dry shampoo AND a dry texturizing finish spray.  We finish our styles by using a light (Alex likes a heavy) spray after putting in some beach waves for added bulk and texture.  Don't freak out yet! Want to sleep in 5 days in a row? Go ahead, water killer won't tell. Who needs water anyway.

And now for the moment everyone's been waiting for... (drum roll please)....


We might not be Destiny's Child, but this is "bill" you'll want to have. 

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